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Deer Repellent


Our deer repellent spray is the most commonly used service and is guarenteed to stop deer from eating your plants. We administer this spray on a monthly bassis in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Then a different spray is used for the winter. The winter spray is only administered once and last all winter until spring where it degrades. If you know it's time to order our service go to our contact page to request a quote by phone or e-mail. If you have more questions you can always visit our Frequently asked questions page as well. We want to keep your yard looking good and make sure your plants don't get eaten by pesky deer. If you have edible plants please visit our edible plants spray page to learn about that, as you don't want us to use this spray on your vegetables and herbs.


*We guarantee minimal damage, however some damage may ocour while the deer learn to stay away from your plants, once the deer associate the bad taste with your plants, they will stay away*