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Frequently Asked Questions


How often do you need to spray?

Generally the spring-summer-fall season starts in mid-April and last to September, then the winter spray is required from October through April. The Spraying is usually done once a month during the spring-summer-fall season. However, it is necessary to spray twice in May; as there is new plant growth that needs to be protected. For the winter season; One application is applied starting sometime in October and lasting into May, where the product then breaks down.

Will the product keep deer out of my yard?

No, the spray will not keep deer out of the yard, but it will keep the deer from eating your landscaping. Also, when you take the food source away from the deer they will generally spend most of there time elsewhere, where they can find food.

Is the product safe?

Yes, the summer spray is a blood-based product with a few other ingredients that the deer dislike.

Is the product good for my plants?

Very much so! Blood is used in organic fertilizers, such as blood meal, most plants become very healthy in a few months if they're not already.

Does the product smell bad?

Sometimes, it is an all natural product that does decompose ecspecially in the extreme summer heat, but we have modified the product and have made some changes so the spray should not offend anyone, except the deer. For the first 6-8 hours, you will experience a slight odor, similar to garlic.

What happens if you sprayed my yard and it rains a short time later? Do I have to pay for another application?

Absolutely not. We try to spray your plants when we have plenty of day time, about 12-24 hours but that is not always possible with Cleveland weather. If your plants need protection we will spray them to keep the deer off and we'll come back and re-spray them at no cost to the homeowner. That's our policy and we will stand by it. Our goal is to protect your plants. Also note, it is necessary to shut off any sprinklers, and not water your plants for 24 hours to allow the product to dry. If it is not possible to turn them for the ideal 24 hours at least 12 is necessary.

Can you spray my vegetable garden with this spray?

No you cannot. It won't harm you, but you won't like the taste of the vegetables. You will probably spit them out. We do have a spray just for your fruits and vegetables. Just ask, and click here to visit our webpage for more information on our edible plant treatment. Also, let us know if you have herbs mixed in you landscape, we want to avoid them as well! For more information about our edible plants treatment click here.

How much does our service usually cost?

The price varies with yard size and amount of landscaping. We base our prices on the amount of product that we spray on your yard and plants. Click Here to contact us and get a quote.

Is the product Clear?

Yes, the summer spray is. You may notice the plants are a little shinier or have a faint reddish hue to them, however, the product will not drastically affect the appearance of your plants. Unfortunately, our winter product which is a different formula will be noticeable when sprayed, it may leave a green "spray paint-like" appearance on your foliage.

Is it okay for my children to be outside after the product has been applied?

It is necessary to allow the winter spray to dry for an hour after it is applied, after that it is safe to be outdoors. For the spring, summer, and fall spray it is safe to be in the yard immediately after the product has been applied, but we recommend you wait until the product dries.

Is it okay for my pets to be outside after the product has been applied?

We recommend waiting approximately one hour for the product to dry before you let your pets outside.